prevailing winds

After my thinkings about horoscopes yesterday, I actually read mine in the free T paper while I was having dinner by myself and waiting to get my hair cut.

Sidenote: I love eating by myself. I love cooking for other people, for sure, especially baking sweets and bread, but when it comes to actually eating on a nightly basis, I prefer it to be much needed self-time.  I do love going out to eat with others, though!

Back on track – So, I read my horoscope, as I was worriedly checking my social networking sites for a certain response from someone (vaguevaguevague) and panicking about moving and wondering if I was being too much of a tweaker to my friends lately.  And this little phrase was the gist of what it said.  One of the only helpful things about horoscopes is that they can accidentally give you the right piece of advice, at the right time, in the most detached way possible.  Because it’s words on paper from some newspaper or internet person you’ve never met, you can separate out the source of the advice and just absorb the words as they are.

So, I cut my hair wicked short, stayed in for a night of drinking wine and TV/video games, and got the message I was waiting for this morning.  I’m enjoying this flow I’m going with.  Cheers, see you on the other side of New York City!


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