Nerdist Podcast Boston – A Lost Episode?

Let me just say, it’s not entirely my fault it’s taken me this long to write up the Nerdist podcast taping I attended back in the beginning of May. No, it has nothing to do with my moving insanity and traveling, naaaahh.  Ok, well, maybe I shouldn’t throw Chris, Matt, and Jonah entirely to the wolves.  Just a limb or two here and there.  For a variety of reasons, this podcast may or may not be “lost” forever to the sands of time.  Let’s just say a lot will have to be edited out, including a reference to a “Junior Seauance,” the revelation of who was REALLY responsible for 9/11, and some other pointed mentionings of someone’s ex-girlfriend.  So, I had been wanting to wait to write this up until the episode went online, so I could link to it, but it turns out I might be waiting forever!  I tweeted at the Nerdist dudes to ask if it might ever be going up, and I’ll definitely go back and edit this when/if the episode goes online.  Ok? Ok.

Anyway, even if they do break my heart and never throw the episode up online, I forgive them, because they’re adorable, charming guys, inappropriate jokes and all.  Just really nice, down to earth people.  I’ve had very good luck meeting my nerd celebrity idols this year!  I was lucky enough to get to ask them a question (Any book authors you want to be on the podcast/who will be on the podcast?) and they answered in probably the most roundabout way possible.  It was definitely the most thoroughly answered audience question that night, though.  That was one part of the show that was a little weird… most people who asked questions did not really get much attention from the guys, they seemed to be caught up in riffing on one another and cracking wise.  I’m not too broken up about that, because we were there to be entertained, right? And it was entertaining, damn straight! For instance, between when I asked my question and when it finally got answered, (the non-boozer) Chris Hardick chugged a carton of coconut water onstage, after a stage hand beered Matt and Jonah with Rhode Island’s finest Gansetts.  Bad for his stomach, good for our jollies!

Going to get meta on you for a second here – it’s hard to write about this kind of event when you’re 3 weeks out from it, and when things have gotten kind of hectic in more areas of my life.  Seeing these guys live and getting to meet them after the show was a wonderful experience, but the feelings don’t feel so immediate anymore, y’know? Anyway, yay Nerdist!  Also, if you’re looking to fill up eight or so minutes of your Mondays, you should check out Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling.  The guests have been generally stellar so far (Jon Hamm and some of the  Man Men crew! Felicia Day! Etc!), and the show has a great vibe after a rough first episode.


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