The Book(s) of Love No. 2: The Dog Stars by Peter Heller


“Funny how you can live your whole life waiting and not know it… Waiting for your real life to begin. Maybe the most real thing the end. To realize when it’s too late. I know now that I loved him more than anything on earth or off of it.”


How and what and who do you love when most of the earth’s population has been wiped out by a pandemic?  Does love figure into such an existence at all? This book owes a lot to The Road, but the land is far less desolate.  Hig, a survivor, is as in love with the plains of Colorado – where trout still leap in the rivers and the occasional deer wanders down out of the mountain forests – as he is with anything or anyone else.  Heller’s voice is extremely poetic; this is how a poet writes a novel, and how he or she writes it well.  The plot is gripping, and the exploration of the all the different ways people can connect with each other is uplifting and tragic, sometimes simultaneously.


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