It’s Almost That Time…

Ah, yes, when we all sit down to watch Die Hard, eat cookies, and sneak Bailey’s into our coffee.

I have thrown myself into the whirlpool that is holiday gift guides this year.  I figured it’d be nice to have something going on this blog as I’m frantically prepping for holiday travel and baking for three different parties in the next couple weeks.  Work is also about to completely explode, so I can’t say when the next time I’ll be able to post something long and lovely will be.  I hope to at least pop in this weekend to share some pictures from my annual holiday cookie party!  In the meantime, there will be 1 brief gift guide post per day from 12/13-12/24, in the traditional style of the 12 Days of Christmas.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stress eat candy cane Hershey kisses.


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