The Word of the Day

Hindsight being 20/20, it’s not surprising to me that I ended up a voracious reader, a listener of linguistic podcasts, and a general word lover.  Off and on, with great inconsistency but frequent recurrence, I have kept a list of “excellent” words inside my head.  They’re usually just words that sound good to say, which have a good feel on your tongue and give a little buzz of pleasure just to hear them spoken.  I’m horrible at keeping a diary, but I have been pretty good about remembering my words of the day/moment.  So, in the interests of posterity, here are some lists:


1. corrugated (this was my favorite word for about a year, right around seventh grade)
2. apse
3. fisticuffs
4. corpse (see: apse)
5. isthmus
6. hummock
7. eclipse
8. renege


1. redolant
2. recumbent
3. apsis (a relative of apse, with a pretty cool meaning to boot!)
4. fricative
5. jocular
6. apiary
7. adroit
8. habillements (ok, technically French, but Shakespeare used it, so.)
9. occlude


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