My Friend Saturn

I have a special affinity for Saturn.  Once, back a few years ago, when the conditions were favorable, the astronomy professor (yes, singular) at my college set up a telescope to view the planet, and anyone that wanted could drop by to see it.  Because my friends and I were power nerds (pardon, are power nerds), and took frequent breaks from writing our theses senior year, we went to go take a peek.  All you could see when you put your eye to the telescope viewer was a black background and a little white, round shape with two little bulges on the side, where the rings were.  Just like, a super bright little star, with love handles!  But, you know, again, power nerd, so this one simple (literally black-and-white) image made me nearly leap out of my skin with joy.  This video, (put together by Sander van den Berg), made me remember that, and also made me remember how I’ve been meaning to go to the Boston University Observatory on one of their “open to the public” nights and do some star gazing.  Free telescope win!

Slightly related, the background music in this video is sick, and definitely something I’ll be checking out.  Sounds like something good to write to. It’s The Cinematic Orchestra’s “That Home,” in case you don’t want to click through to the Vimeo site to find out what it is.  Check ’em out, dudes!


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