1 Bad Thing and 7 Good Ones

I always get sad between the 2nd week of April and Mother’s day.  This directly correlates to me not having a mom around to celebrate her birthday with (May 7) or take to Mother’s Day brunch (May 13, this year).  Boo Hiss.  As anyone missing a mum or a da knows, these greeting card holidays are especially terrible – you can’t turn on the tv (to watch Law & Order: SVU, which I’ve been obsessed with lately, and is my main gym jam) or walk into the drug store to get your shampoo, or, appropriately, your anxiety meds, without being bombarded with commercials, displays, advertisements, etc. that just remind you of what you don’t have that everyone else seems to have.  I know enough dad-and-momless kids to know this isn’t true, but damn if the advertising industry doesn’t try its best to make you think that for about two weeks in May.  I do think that, of all these made up holidays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are two of the most well-intentioned though, so as I say of drinks, enjoy ’em if you got ’em kids.  If you don’t, call another friend, parent, grandparent, stepparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc. that you do have and chat for awhile.  Chances are you have someone in your life you can commiserate with, since it’s not particularly rare, so go track them down virtually or in person and distract each other for awhile.   Or, do what I do, and get the hell out of dodge and go on a weekend trip.

Anyway, since I was bumming about this today, I wanted to make a little list of stuff I’ve been doing that’s made me exceedingly happy.  My life is full to bursting (in a good way), and I have even more stuff coming up, so I wanted to appreciate it for a few minutes instead of focusing on the stuff that hasn’t turned out exactly right, which I have a tendency to do.

1. Playing Mario Party 9, loving it, and winning twice as…


… BIRDO.  Only the creepiest character in the Super Mario franchise.  I’ve also decided I need to be Birdo for Halloween this year.  Pink shirt/leggings, white fabric pinned to shirt for belly, blue eye shadow, giant red bow on head, and a big ol’ fake egg to throw at people.  I always say I’m going to dress up for Halloween, and this might actually be the year I follow through on that.

2. Dreaming up a new project, and beginning to get it started. May 1st is coming soon… I’m so excited for this, since I think it really fits with what my vision is with this blog and the sort of contributions I want to be making to the internet!  I’m notoriously bad at doing Daily Things that are not essentially to my health & well-being, so the real challenge will be Doing It.

3. Reading lots of books! I had actually slowed down for awhile there, but I gathered speed after literally 5 books came in for me from the library all at once.  I’ve got another one on hold and another one being released this week, plus 2 more on my list that I haven’t acquired yet.  Even though one of my goals for the year was to actually read LESS and do MORE, I seem to be on track for 60 books again this year.  I think doing more has actually led to me reading just as much, since I’m now spending on ton of time traveling around on the T, which is prime reading time for me.

4. Related to 3: working on an essay, submitting it to one of my favorite websites, and getting rejected.  This sounds like something that would make me have a big sad, but I’m patting myself on the back for even getting my act together, writing something I like, and submitting it somewhere!  Big steps in my writing hobby.  I’m actually going to do some rewrites and post the essay here when I’m done, so stay tuned.

5. Related to 4: working on a poem, that I think is just about ready for feedback from other poets.  Now, I just need to FIND some other poets.  This is the part of writing where being in academic still would be super convenient.

6. Kicking major gym ass. I feel tight and round and lean, people! Ok, so I may have had a cheat meal today in which I ate a bagel and an iced latte, but I am getting back on that elliptical today for a

7. Screwing around on Pinterest.  I’m moving this summer, and need a few new things for my space.  Also, I keep getting distracted by other neat items…


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