PAX East, A Brief Rundown

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies

Who doesn’t love a list? Let’s make a list you guys!


  • No con is perfect. There will be things you like and things you don’t, and at some point (unless you’re some kind of superhuman extrovert power nerd) you will get burned out and want to leave.  This is ok! Just don’t dwell on it, complain overly much about it, or make yourself feel guilty for ducking out early/taking a break for a few hours.  Hell, go home or to your hotel and take a nap for a few hours, if you think it will make you feel TRR for the rest of the day/night.  You’re going to make some panels you want to see, you’ll miss others, you’ll wander into stuff you hadn’t expected, and it will be great, seriously.  The only way you’ll have a bad time is if you create one for yourself.  Or if you get sick (saw someone being ambulanced out on Day 2, poor dude or lady was definitely not have a good time) or stabbed or something.
  • As one of my fellow PE party members said, PAX is magnet for everyone you do and do not want to see.  You will, at some point, run into everyone you want to see, even if you aren’t looking to.  There’s no point trying to avoid anyone, either; just relax, and pray that it won’t be too awkward when you see them.  Of course, if you have my awful luck, you will fail to find the one person you do want to find, Felicia Day! Where were you Felicia?
  • The food in the convention center is too expensive.  Walk to Chinatown! It’s a good break, and there are a ton of options.  Also, pro-tip, on Friday, there are a lot of food trucks kicking around in the South Station area.  They are cheap and fantastic, embrace them.  PS. Gabe and Tycho, more food trucks at the convention center next year! Roxy’s was there on Saturday, but sold out of sandwiches super fast. Having a little food truck food court would be excellent, even if it was only just Saturday or Sunday.
  • You will have fun in the classic arcade games room (or the classic console room). Go!




  • Watch people playing games, it’s fun!  I always find it interesting to see what decisions others are making and what game play is like.  This is especially good to do if you’re waiting in line to play a game.
  • Play games even if you think you might not be interested.  One of my friends who only showed up for the last day dragged me around the exhibition hall and made me play games.  I think I got through Street Fighter, the Nyan Cat game, something called Hell Yeah!, Rock Band Blitz, and watched a lot of people playing Dance Central 2.  I loved Rock Band Blitz, and definitely wasn’t expecting too.  Also, I’ve entered into some sort of blood pact to play Dance Central 2 once my buddies get a Kinect.
  • It’s great to travel in a pack, but don’t be afraid to break off for awhile and wander around by yourself.  Sit down at a random table and play a demo of something.  I did this for like half an hour on Sunday, it was a great way to start off the day.
  • If someone you admire is there, go talk to them!  They are at their booths for a reason, just treat them like real people and be nice.  I met Jonathan Coulton and it was THE BEST. He was nice, we chatted and cracked some jokes, took a picture, etc.  And I bought a t-shirt!  Worked out well for everybody.
  • It’s ok to gawk at people, it’s not ok to just yell random things at them.  I’m mostly referring to cosplayers, but I got yelled at a couple times by people who liked my awesome t-shirts (and, presumably, the boobs inside them? it was mostly dudes).  I personally hate being yelled at… I’m a normal person, guys, you can just come up and talk to me!  Introduce yourself while you’re at it.
  • Which reminds me, talk to your fellow attendees.  Most of them are nice!  We only encountered one jerk the whole weekend.
  • For god’s sake, bring water and snacks.  The water fountains in the exhibition hall are few and far between, so you’ll want to start out with a full water bottle at the beginning of the day and drink more whenever you encounter a fountain.  Apples and bananas travel well, and will make you perk up a bit when you feel like curling up in a corner of the convention center and taking a nap.
  • If you check a bag/coat, try to combine with a friend, it’ll be cheaper that way.

Well, this has been a pretty generic run-down, but it definitely helped me!  The one thing that didn’t go well was all the walking around, which made my bonitis act up something terrible.  I feel great now, but I was ready to rip off my legs from the knee down just to make them stop hurting on Sunday.  I don’t know that I own shoes good enough to avoid the crippling bonitis, but next year I might have to be gellin’ like Magellan.  Also, I want to be an enforcer next year, like whoa.

JoCo y Yo

JoCo y Yo


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