Just a little note to let you know what I’m thinking about this week.  I just finished Mass Effect 3 last night and am still processing my feelings about it.  You might think a video game can’t give you capital-F Feelings, but you would be wrong.  Sadly, my processing speed is not as fast as EDI’s, so it might be a few days (and, probably, multiple posts) before I’m able to get all my thoughts down on interweb paper.

For now, I’ll just say that the endgame felt like those last days before you graduate college, where you’re rushing to get everything done, say your goodbyes to everyone, and you get that familiar feeling that it’ll really just be a couple summer months and then we’ll all be back you guys! But, a sad realistic part of you knows it’s not true. I actually teared up when Joker (a.k.a my supreme unfulfilled ME crush) told Shepard it had been an honor serving with her.  Thank god I still have a renegade run-through to do.


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